Guide to composing a quality sport management dissertation proposal

The purpose of a dissertation proposal is to set the stage for your project, you will let the research board know what you are planning to research and how you intend on doing it. You are not required to know exactly how you are going to carry out the research but you should have a clear understanding of the direction that you intend to head in. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in writing your sport management dissertation proposal.

  • Your topic
    It is essential that before you start on your proposal you have a clear idea of the topic you are going to be researching. This is so you can accurately state your goals and how you plan on accomplishing them. Your proposal should be approximately 1,000 words in length.
  • What to include in the proposal?
    Regardless of the structure of your dissertation, it should include several key elements. These are as follows:
    • Introduction: Here you will discuss your main research question and provide a general background on the topic that you have chosen.
    • Methodology: The methodology will provide an explanation of your research methods and how you used them to conduct your research.
    • Aims and objectives: In this section, you will need to discuss what you aim to achieve with your research. You should also state how you intend on reaching these objectives.
    • Literature review: In this section, you will discuss the books and research material that you used for your study.
    • Research constraints: There is no such thing as a perfect study, you are always going to run into problems. In this section, you will discuss these constraints and how they affected your research.

Once you have completed your proposal make sure that you make an appointment with your supervisor who will read over it to make sure that you have included everything or whether there is anything that you need to remove to make it better.
Once you have submitted your proposal you can then go ahead and start preparing to write your dissertation. Although you have the entire year to write the project, you should start straight away and avoid procrastinating because time waits for no man and before you know it due date will be in the horizon.

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