A collection of fresh topics to explore in a project management dissertation

One of the hardest things about writing a dissertation is choosing a topic. Many students get stuck at this hurdle because there is so much to write about that it can be very difficult to make a decision. If you are writing a project management dissertation or an event management dissertation and you would like some more info on topics, keep reading.

  1. Investigating the of project orientated companies as a result of effective project management.
  2. Understanding how project management soft skills increase the success rates of projects.
  3. How does the project management triangle model accurately represent the process of project management?
  4. Discuss the philosophy of project management and how it has evolved over the last 10 years.
  5. What are the established theories that support general management?
  6. What are the career paths that are available to project managers? What qualifications enable them to better improve their chances of gainful employment?
  7. Discuss the benefits of different project management certificates.
  8. What are the major differences between the project life cycle and process groups?
  9. How does the complexity of project management affect projects?
  10. What are the most important elements required to improve project management?
  11. Why is there such a substantial difference between project management theory and practice?
  12. Identify and evaluate the major differences between operations management and project management.
  13. How detailed should a project plan be? When is the most suitable time to develop a project plan.
  14. What role does project management play in non-profit organizations?
  15. Can project management assist in improving overall business performance?

Once you have chosen your dissertation topic you will then need to start your research. Here are some tips to ensure that your dissertation is a success:

  • Don’t procrastinate: You might have a full year to write your dissertation but that does not mean you should leave it to the last few months. It is important that you start working on your project right away to give yourself enough time to complete it.
  • Spend time with your supervisor: The majority of students only see their supervisor once or twice while they are writing their project. This is not a good idea; your supervisor is there to guide you throughout the writing process and it is essential that you see them often if you want to get a good grade.
  • Make sacrifices: You are going to have to cut right down on your socializing while you are writing your dissertation. This is a very important project and it is essential that you use your time wisely to ensure that it is written to the best of your ability.

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