10 Inspiring Fine Art Dissertation Ideas

There are three skills that you would want your paper to echo to make an impression on the readers. Firstly, being able to work artistically all by yourself without any sort of assistance must be reflected in the paper. The ability to perform intense research within the field is an important one that needs to come forth. Finally, the complete paper should be a display of your in depth understanding of the numerous issues associated with the topic.

10 Topic Ideas for Papers in Fine Art

The topic of a fine art paper must stand out. It might be a tough call to come up with an excellent fine art topic quickly. So, an easy and common trick that works always is to keep collecting fine art topic ideas that strike you long before you actually plan to start working on the paper. Enlisted below are 10 art dissertation ideas for assistance. The first idea has been elaborated for better understanding of how the ideas can be used.

  1. The Effect of Fairy tales on Artists. This topic idea can be used in different ways. You can prefer to concentrate exclusively on a single fairytale like “Cinderella”. Or, you can discuss the works of male and female artists in relation to fairytales.
  2. Exploring the part played by fine arts in the online world. What are the ways fine arts can be incorporated into website development?
  3. Sienese artists: Taddeo di Bartolo’s Representations of the Virgin Mary in his paintings.
  4. Is the transition to digital films affecting the cinematic art adversely? Are they really wiping out the pleasure of watching movies?
  5. The marked shift in ancient Indian art from symbols of Buddha to his images.
  6. Can motion capture acting be considered genuine acting? Should the motion capture actors have the privilege of getting awarded like the real actors?
  7. Aesthetic Movement and Pop Art: Throwing light on their likeness
  8. In the 21st century world of entertainment where does theatre stand?
  9. Can video games be considered a fine art?
  10. Are audio books impacting the manner in which people appreciate the written art?

Choose Topic based on Interest, knowledge and Resources

Glancing through the history of art dissertation topics you would come across innumerable ideas. Focusing on the areas of fine art that you find most interesting, have vast knowledge and enough resources to rely upon are the 3 things that can help you in selection your fine art thesis topic. For more useful resource, have a look at this site.

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