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Happy Halloween!! This graphic was forwarded to us today and it was just too cool not to share :) 



Fall Closeout Sale


We've got a little bit of everything here... From SD cards to CPU fans, LED strips and more! New products will be added as we get them loaded as well so check back often! Click the image above to be taken directly to the Fall Sale page and enter code 'FALLCLOSEOUT' at checkout to save an additional 10% off on all items listed in the sale.


Pricing Updates and New Additions!!

We've been busy at work updating products on the website. Check out the latest updates!

Filament - 1 lb Coils (Closeout)

We've pulled out several 1 lb coils (bagged and ready to ship) that have been added to the site. They're priced to move @ $10 per 1 lb coil (reduced from $18.50). Check out the various colors (in ABS and PLA) here.

If you haven't seen the new filament pages, check them out! To ease your shopping experience we've combined all color options into 4 separate pages (1.75mm ABS, 3mm ABS, 1.75 PLA, 3mm PLA).

10A 24V Power Supply
We're overstocked! These are now available on the site @ $35 ($10 off regular price). Select 10A from the dropdown here to purchase.

Extruder Motor - Heat Sink
Back in stock by popular demand @ $6/ea.Click here to view the various options.

Aluminatus Evo-1 3d Printer
In stock and ready to ship @ $3599.00! Click here to view details and to place your order.


We want your Aluminatus print images!

With the revamp of the TrinityLabs website and operations, we'd like to incorporate a gallery of prints from you, our beloved customers, to show off what you've done and showcase what the Aluminatus Series printers are capable of! Please send any and all submissions to us at and once we've started receiving submissions, we'll post the link on our main page for everyone to view!


Please include the following with your submission:

  • Approximate date of the print
  • Material used (ABS/PLA 1.75/3mm)
  • Title of the print

Thank you! Josh.


All Filament On Sale!!

For a limited time only, all in stock filament (PLA/ABS 1.75/3mm) is on sale!!

Enter discount code "MF Sale - Filament" at checkout to receive 15% off all spools of filament.

ABS 1.75mm

ABS 3mm

PLA 1.75mm

PLA 3mm


Replacement MetalMagma Hotend Components

We've recently received an influx of inquiries about replacement components available for the MetalMagma Hotends and more specifically, replacement (and various sized) nozzles. We've recently added nozzles (.35, .4, .5 and .75mm) in various sizes to the website for purchase. If you're looking to replace a broken/worn out nozzle, or expanding your collection we've got them! Click here to view the available sizes and to place your order! Other replacement components will become available as the demand for them increases.


Current Payment Options

As many of you are aware, over the past several weeks, money order has been the only form of payment available on the website. This was done while we were migrating our merchant account from its previous location to the new accounts and merchant provider, resulting in a more streamlined system for both TrinityLabs and our valued customers. Now that the migration is completely, we're currently offering the following payment options: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you'd like to pay via money order or cashiers check, please contact us at <a href= "mailto:"</a> and we will be happy to accommodate you.

What about Paypal? We're currently in negotiations and hope to have this completed very soon so we can once again offer Paypal as an authorized payment option. Stay tuned!


The TrinityLabs Aluminatus Printer "Experience"

Hello folks, wow I am pretty lame for completely FAILing to post a tip a day like I said I would. Mea culpa. But at least you will be happy to know that my time has been completely taken over with work on the final spit and polish touches on the Aluminatus platform I will be so amazingly happy to finally birth into the world.


So I apologize for not coming through with daily tips and tricks but I am furiously working on getting your printers ready to ship. So I'll tell you what... how about I do the daily tips and tricks thing after we ship the first 50 printers so you have them in your hands ready to follow along!


In the meanwhile, have a look at how beautiful our little girl has grown up to be (disregard my messy office) >>



When you buy one of our Aluminatus printers you are not really buying a box full of parts that will form a 3d printer with a few hours of work. You are actually buying the TrinityLabs collective knowledge base of 3d printing brainpower, blood, sweat and tears and countless man years of hard won experience and wisdom about this incredibly fun and rewarding hobby/craft/job/tooling/whateveryouwanncallit. 


This means that we have taken all of the small, subtle yet incredibly important tips and tricks and tuning and tweakage our team of experts has learned over the past 6 years or so and wrapped this wisdom in a package called the Aluminatus TrinityOne. So instead of you spending months or even years to learn every little detail about how to squeeze out the last bit of quality from your 3d printer, you get to focus on what you want to be doing, using our 3d printer as a tool or a means to an end to accomplish your own goals.


Do not get me wrong, I personally love tinkering and hacking and building RepRaps and 3d printers of all sorts. But that is my hobby and passion I have turned into a business. I realize that not everyone has the spare time to devote to this craft, to delve as deeply as our team has in order to learn about every tiny aspect of these robotic machines and the behavior of the plastic and materials involved in printing.


I am getting long winded which means I should cut myself short before I bore anyone to death.


My main point here is that the Aluminatus TrinityOne you buy is greater then the sum of its parts. It is not just a 3d printer, it is the *experience* and collective knowledge and wisdom of our team of experts personified as a physical 3d printer. It is the tweaked and tuned configuration files for the software and firmware. It is the highly optimized, linear robotic components we have co-designed and manufactured with our partners and it is the support of our team of experts when you have an issue you need help with.


In the end you are buying the TrinityLabs "experience" and this experience will allow you to use our printer as a tool to get amazing results that are useful to you in whatever way you need a 3d printer to be useful. And you are not buying into an endless tinkering and maintenance nightmare where you may very well spend much more time tweaking and tuning the printer itself then actually getting your job done and printing whatever it is you desire to bring into reality.


This TrinityLabs experience is what we will be shipping out before January 20th for the first 50 customers ad before February 20th for the next 50 customers. By then I fully expect to have these printers in stock ready to ship within a week or so of payment if not immediately.


Thank you for the leap of faith you have all taken in purchasing a preorder printer you have not physically seen yet. You have made the right choice and you all will be amongst the first few people to get to enjoy working on this machine I am so very proud of. The TrinityLabs engineering, shipping and management team have all done brilliant work as one whole team to bring this printer experience to you. And as we pass over into 2013 without the world having ended in 2012 :P I feel that 2013 is going to be a very interesting year for this little industry we are a part of.





Aluminatus TrinityOne Hello World!

Welcome to our new blog at The diverse crew of engineers and makers along with myself will be blogging here with general 3d printing tips and tricks as well as updates on the Aluminatus and other products we design and sell here.